Chromate is a chromate conversion coatingtype of conversion coating that is used as either the primary finish for aluminum or a supplemental coating over cadmium or zinc plating. The final appearance can be clear or yellow dependent upon the process used. This coating is widely used for corrosion protection, undercoatyellow chromate conversion coating for paint and adhesive applications.

This application is commonly used in the aerospace industry, electronic cabinets and component parts. The overall thickness can range from 0.00001-0.00004 inches allowing for almost no dimensional change to the part. As an added advantage the cost can tend to be lower than other finishes.

We offer both Type I Hexavalent (Yellow) and Type II Non-Hexavalent (Clear) all Classes per Mil-DTL-5541

Some benefits of this coating are:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Economical
  • Minimizes surface oxidation
  • No dimensional change
  • Improved adhesion